Young Carers

In July 2018, Claydon High School was presented with the Platinum Award for supporting our young carers in school. We are very proud of this achievement, having already received the Bronze Silver and Gold Awards!   

We work very closely with Suffolk Young Carers and our young carers in school. We have raised school awareness of young carers through assemblies and teacher training days and we regularly hold activities, events and fundraisers.  

We do have several young people in school who are young carers and we support them in many different ways such as: arranging meetings in school for them with the support workers from SYC, extending homework deadlines if necessary or using the school telephone to call home if they are concerned about someone there. 

We hold regular monthly drop-ins. This is open to all students, as having spoken to some of our young carers, they don’t wish to be “singled out” but are happy to attend the drop-ins. This is a time to relax, have a chat and eat lunch.  Some of our students love to cook for us all and there are usually lots of cakes and goodies. A support worker from SYC is often there too, if anyone wishes to speak to her. 

As a parent/carer, if you feel there is anything further the school could be doing to support our young carers in school, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Angela Steele - Senior Student Manager