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Headteacher:  Ms M Taylor

Claydon High School were delighted to welcome two distinguished visitors to the school yesterday, Lord Burnett of Maldon, the Lord Chief Justice and His Honour Judge Rupert Overbury who is the Diversity and Community Relations Judge for Suffolk.

They visited Claydon as part of their new initiative to have greater engagement with schools, both secondary and primary, so students learn about the courts and judicial system through lessons and other activities including visits to local courts for school competitions or to see the court sitting.

Lord Chief Justice spoke about the rule of law as something not everyone considers often but he reminded us that it affects many aspects of our daily life and is there to protect each individual in society.  Because of this, he argued, it is crucial that we are aware of it and that our students consider the range of career roles that exist in this field in order to make a real different to society.  He was impressed with the range of topics our students already explored through their PSHE and PD lessons

A small panel of Year 10s asked questions which ranged from the qualifications needed to work in the judiciary, Brexit, equality and diversity, sentencing, local crime and the tradition of wearing wigs and gowns.  We hope to welcome Judge Overbury back into school in the near future in order to answer more questions from Year 10 related to topics which were touched upon in this visit.

Elsewhere in the school Year 11 are still sitting in the hall for long exams and revising hard in between; they are still coming out smiling and that is a real pleasure for teachers to see and should reassure parents/carers (and Year 10) too.

We have had further success in local athletics competitions including the Year 8 Boys Team qualifying in first place for the County Finals of the Super 8s and they will be aiming for gold on Thursday 5th July.  In school all students are preparing for our forthcoming sports day at the end of June.

The end of term is busy with our production of ‘Madagascar’ (tickets still available), sports day, Year 6 induction day, work experience and the final week of internal and external exams.  Thanks to everyone who is working tirelessly to support students navigating all of this.

13th June 2018


Headteacher’s Update - 7th June 2018

Prior to May half term we held our final awards and praise assembly for our Year 11 students in which we presented a range of certificates to reward excellent attendance, behaviour and effort and those in receipt of gold headteacher’s awards in all Year 11 reports.  Some students have managed 100% attendance over 5 years and a headteacher’s award for every report in 5 years; receiving any of these awards was an excellent achievement and it was a pleasure to celebrate these with our students and to wish them all the best for the future.  Year book awards, for students and staff, voted for by the students were announced and in addition to collecting year books and leavers’ hoodies, we provided shirts for students to sign in a tradition some parents and carers may remember from their own school days.

Year 11 were back at school this week with 8 GCSE exams being sat and they continue to work hard now, and many were in with teachers over half term putting in some extra hours.  We will have other opportunities to celebrate with these students and their families as they have their prom planned for 22nd June, results day in August and our Certificate and Awards evening in November.

We are now in the next stage of our transition for future Year 7 students and this week have visited four primary schools to meet Year 6 students and their parents/carers.  We will be visiting more schools next week with a final meeting on the 18th June for students joining us out of catchment or who could not make the time slots in their primary schools.  It is always an exciting time to be meeting the young people who are joining us for the next five years.

We are also arranging dates to welcome in our new teaching and support colleagues and help them get to know more about the school; often they are more nervous that the Year 6 students!  We were delighted to appoint a new Assistant Headteacher and we will be introducing Mr Harris as well as other new colleagues to you via the newsletter in September.

The recent tragic events in Ipswich and the murder of Tavis Spencer-Aitkens have shocked all of us and parents/carers of young people may have questions related to this.  An email with a link to the Home Office guidance will be coming out shortly via parentmail which contains sources of information for parents/carers.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for their support of your children through the exam season, they have all run so smoothly and should be congratulated for their conduct, attitude and effort.


Headteacher’s Update - 17th May 2018

This week has seen the start of the formal exam season for Year 11 students and they have made an excellent start to these.  They are smiling as they enter the hall, feeling confident about their preparation, and have come out smiling too which boosts their confidence about other exams to follow.

The school has a very purposeful feel; not only are Year 11 revising for and taking exams but our other years are too and are conducting themselves very impressively.

This positive focused learning environment has impressed the many visitors I have shown around the school who are interested in applying for our Assistant Headteacher role with responsibility for Student Wellbeing.  We hope to appoint this post next week and this will be an important member of the staff to introduce to parents and carers in the new academic year.

We have had a range of students representing us in the community over the last week with Year 7 and 8s attending the SWISS Leadership Conference and students of all year groups taking part in local athletic championships and putting in excellent individual and team performances.

Thanks to all of the parents and carers who attended the workshop promoting positive mental health this week, it was really successful in raising awareness of the pressures facing young people. We are hoping to organise related workshops in the future – look out for these being advertised on the website and letters shared via parent mail.

17th May 2018


Headteacher’s Update - 10th May 2018

Last week finished on a really positive note with nearly 100 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 travelling to the Outdoor Education Centre on Mersea Island in Essex and undertaking a range of challenging practical tasks including building kit cars with no instructions, using the high ropes and climbing walls as well as archery and caving.  These activities will allow many of those who attended to sign off PiXL Edge LORIC tasks and enabled them to develop key skills of team work, communication and resilience.

The staff who accompanied the students reported that it was a real pleasure to see students manage and organise their own social times with not a single student referring to their phones but instead choosing to play tag, catch and ask site staff for sports equipment.  Students organised an en masse rounders game and requested that teachers joined in!  Others had ‘dance offs’ and even rap battles. Their interaction with site staff was referenced as "exceptionally polite" and from the minute they stepped off the coach they were a real credit to Claydon High School – and the coach drivers praised them too!

Following a successful trip for some Year 9 students earlier in the year to visit the University of Cambridge, some other students in the same year group visited the University of Suffolk campus to see their fantastic facilities and learn of opportunities available to them closer to home.

The summer term sees sports fixtures dominated by Athletics meetings and our Year 8 students achieved considerable success this week at a competition held at Northgate, coming 2nd overall of 8 teams.  As they are not yet at their full strength as a squad we are confident they can improve upon this excellent performance.

The summer exam season is also upon us and first into the hall were Year 7, a year on from their Year 6 SATS, showing us how much progress they have made in their first year with us.  Year 8 have also started their subject exams.  Both years made an excellent start with their attitude towards these and this is important to prepare them for the significant number of exams they will sit at the end of Year 11.  Our Year 11 students begin their written exams in the hall on Monday and every day of the week before, during and after school they are working with their teachers to prepare for these.  We wish them good luck and will keep you updated on their progress.

As parents and carers please support your child(ren) by encouraging earlier nights and more sleep during this busy time and remind them to keep hydrated and eating regular meals to maintain energy levels.  If you have any questions about the exams contact your child’s tutor or head of year.


Headteachers Update - 3rd May 2018

We had some excellent news last week from the Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT) who have accredited us for transforming practice in ‘Leadership through moral purpose’ under their Framework for Exceptional Education which is a tool developed with a group of high-performing schools and reviewed by leading academics, the framework supports schools in quality-assuring their work and sharing effective practice.  This award recognises the excellent work undertaken by leaders at all levels within the school, including our student prefects, teachers, support staff and governors. I was very proud to invite two Cambridgeshire schools to visit and look around Claydon High School as part of the process, followed by a moderator from the SSAT.  They were all very impressed by the school and I am very proud of all the work which is done here every day and would like to congratulate all of our leaders.

I am delighted to share with you all that Mr Ismay was confirmed as our permanent Deputy Headteacher this week.  During his interview his passion for the school and the education of our students was evident and I know he will work tirelessly with students, parents/carers and colleagues in order to secure the very best for our students.

Mr Ismay led a busy Year 8 Curriculum evening, supported by Mr Davenport, Mrs Driver and Mrs Simpson from the Maths, Science and Communications (English and MFL) faculties, to advise this year group about the new GCSEs they would be beginning in Maths and Science, which are really challenging, as well as reading GCSE English Literature texts and choosing one of their two current languages to focus upon in Year 9 prior to options choices in Spring 2019.  The level of challenge in these GCSEs can seem daunting but hearing good advice early from the teachers in each area is really helpful early on in the process.  If you were unable to attend this evening information will be on the school website and you will be receiving information through the post.  If you have further questions please contact the school; reply slips are due back before 14th May.

Despite the wet, windy and somewhat chilly weather we have had a number of trips take place this week, including a number of outdoor ones.  A team of Year 9 students represented the school in a SWISS Challenge Cup at ITFC on Friday and this week students from Years 7-9 are venturing out to Mersea Island and the Essex Outdoor Education Centre to climb walls, tackle high ropes, learn archery skills and many others.  This is one aspect of our focus on LORIC skills under the PiXL Edge programme, encouraging our students to have a go at a challenge and keep trying until they succeed.  I predict they will come back tired, muddy and smiling at their successes!

I wish you all a lovely long Bank Holiday Weekend – the sun is set to shine!  Enjoy!


Headteacher’s Update - 26th April 2018

Year 10 have had a particularly busy week with members of the student leadership team being appointed as future prefects for when Year 11 finish.  Following their appointment they will support Mr Davies and students from all years in our giant tetrahedron building challenge on Friday.  This is part of our STEM focus for assemblies this week and also links to our core principles of working together and overcoming difficulties to achieve a goal.

We had excellent attendance at Year 10 Consultation Evening, our second of the year, and it is crucial that students are aware how quickly the non-examined assessment and exams approach once they are in Year 11.  The Year 10 reports also showed excellent attitudes to learning and a third of students received a headteacher award from myself to acknowledge this alongside exemplary attendance and positive behaviour over the year.  Thanks to parents and carers for their attendance at this evening and ongoing support.

Suffolk One kindly hosted a visit from students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on Tuesday to showcase post 16 opportunities available to them locally and to help them identify future goals early on.  These visits help individuals to hold high aspirations during their time at Claydon High School, ultimately working towards our goal of ‘being the best they can be’.

We are also quite busy in school making staffing appointments for next year which is always exciting!  You will have an introduction to our new colleagues in the Autumn term via the newsletter.


Headteacher's Weekly Update

Claydon High School were delighted to welcome two distinguished visitors to the school yesterday, Lord Burnett of Maldon, the Lord Chief Justice and His Honour Judge Rupert Overbury who is the Diversity and Community Relations Judge for Suffolk. They visited Claydon as part of their new initiative to have greater engagement with schools, both secondary and primary, so students learn about the courts and judicial system through lessons and other activities including visits to local courts for school competitions or to see the court sitting.

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Latest News


Tetrahedron Challenge!

Form groups were set the task of producing a giant tetrahedron. The purpose of this was to show what we can do together, to be the best we can be, by using the principles of STEM as the driving force. Each tutor group was given enough dowel and elastic bands to make between two and four mini tetrahedrons. These in turn made a medium sized tetrahedron to be placed together to form one big one! Tutor groups had 20 minutes to build their mini tetrahedrons following some simple instructions given in an assembly.  Year 9 Prefects helped Years 7 & 8 and the Year 10 Student Leadership Team constructed the giant final tetrahedron.  

Despite some wet and wild weather, this task was completed in less than 60 minutes, split across the week. It just goes to show that from a simple concept, something bigger and more powerful can be the end result! Well done to all who took part.



Years 7- 10 Internal Exam Timetable

Please click here to access a copy of the Summer Internal Exam Timetable for Years 7-10


Please click here to access a copy of the GCSE Exam Timetable 2018.

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Important Notices

South Suffolk Learning Trust

On 1st June 2017, Claydon High school, East Bergholt High School and Hadleigh High School joined together to form a multi-academy trust - The South Suffolk Learning Trust. The three strong schools will be working together to share best practice within the partnership as well as supporting other schools in Suffolk. The South Suffolk Learning Trust (led by an experienced board of local trustees) intends to grow and support the learning of Suffolk youngsters aged between 3 and 19 and add positively to improving life chances of Suffolk children through effective collaboration.

Headteachers Sarah Skinner, Colin Turner and Caroline Gibson are delighted to be formalising partnerships across schools and enabling an even wider number of children to reach their full potential.

New Recycling Facilities

Recycle your unwanted clothing and paper and raise vital funds for your school in the process!

The PTA have arranged for paper and textile recycling banks to be situated in the coach car park at Claydon High School and are available for both school and community use. Please click here for more details. For safety reasons, restrictions of use apply when buses are dropping off and collecting students in the mornings and afternoons.

New Vive Menu Launch

Image result for new menuPlease click here to download the new Vive lunchtime menu provided in our Megabites canteen by Vertas Catering. Please note that there is a three week rotation; dates are at the top of each page.


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  • Successes and Highlights

    Claydon High School has recently achieved accreditation for transforming practice in ‘Leadership through moral purpose’ under SSAT's Framework for Exceptional Education.

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